Wild Wisdom: The Face of Simhamukha

Four Video Lessons with Tiffani Gyatso

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    Four Sessions (The Face of Simhamukha)


Complete Three Course Series (September 16th - December 9th, 2021)

The Faces of Tara, Vajrayogini & Simhamukha

About the Course

The images of enlightened beings in Tibetan Buddhism are as rich as our own imagination can go. All images exist with our own minds and if we focus on them, as if we were looking for a long period of time at the mirror, our perception shifts. If we practice such contemplation with the right effort and motivation, it can be a path for liberation.

Simhamukha is a wrathful goddess in Vajrayana Buddhism, whose name means “lion-faced.” She is considered a dakini who has attained the perfect state of Buddha. The lion-faced dakini embodies the transformation of anger into enlightened awareness, as well as the dispelling of negative energy, which can manifest as demons or evil spirits. She is also called “wisdom dakini” (Tib. yeshe khandroma) and “great, victorious mother” (gyalwa yumchen).

CLASS 1 (November 11th): 

We will practice mantra and meditation and learn about the symbols of Simhamukha's image. We will then initiate the proportional lines of the face with pencil, a ruler and paper.

CLASS 2 (November 18th): 

After mantra and meditation we will draw first lines of her lion head, wild hair and wide open mouth with teeth and tongue.

CLASS 3 (December 2nd): 

After mantra and meditation we will finalize the drawing of Simhamuka's face and prepare for coloring.


We will color the drawing with pencils and bless it with intentions.

Option to attend single course (four classes) or complete three-part course on the faces of Tara, Vajrayogini, and Simhamukha

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Course Welcome and Basic Information

    • Online Classroom Etiquette and Technical Requirements

    • Art Materials Required for this Course

    • Navigating this Learning Platform

    • Join the Tibetan Thangka Art Community

  • 2


    • The Art of Nirvana: Introduction to Tibetan Thangka Art with Tiffani Gyatso

    • Mothers of Liberation: Introduction with Tiffani Gyatso

    • Daily Thangka Prayers

    • Simhamukha Face Drawing -- PLEASE PRINT BEFORE FIRST CLASS

    • Curved Knife (to Print)

  • 3


    • Class One

    • Class Two

    • Class Three

    • Class Four

The Faces of Liberation: Drawing and Coloring the Female Buddhas of the Tantric Tradition

Three part course bundle: Tara, Vajrayogini, and Simhamukha (12 Classes)


Tiffani Gyatso

Tiffani Gyatso is an artist from Brazil who focused her studies on the sacred expressions of art from different cultures. She specialized in traditional Tibetan Thangka painting, which she learned in India at the Norbulingka Institute from the years 2003-2006 and later furthered her studies at the Prince School of Traditional Arts in London where she studied sacred Geometry of the Middle East. Today she runs her own art retreat center at the Atelier YabYum at the mountains of Brazil and guides art groups to India and Nepal.