Wealth & Spirituality: Reconnect to abundance through 5ElementDance

Weekend Workshop with Vena Ramphal

August 27th & 28th 2022 (Saturday & Sunday)
9-11am Los Angeles | 5-7pm London 

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Video content will remain available for students for three months after live workshop

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For spiritual seekers money is the biggest conundrum. We yearn for the bliss of the ethereal; for mystical knowledge beyond the mundane.

Yet we live in the material world, where money is a necessity.

Many spiritual traditions (seem to) demand that we turn our backs on materiality. 

Yet we know - often through painful experience  - that when we’re struggling for money we cannot focus on our spiritual pursuits.

This course shows you another way; one that completely shifts our relationship with material abundance, including money itself. This is your invitation to discover a vitalized, generous, and joyful relationship with material wellbeing.

Once we know material wealth as a manifestation of the 5 cosmic elements we allow ourselves to create material wellbeing without guilt.

In this course we shall:

  • Discover your individual wealth frequency as a spiritual seeker
  • Embody your wealth frequency with the direct guidance of the 5 cosmic elements
  • Release the spiritual seeker’s guilt about needing and desiring money
  • Create a new understanding of spirituality and materiality as a spectrum (not a binary split)
  • Write a new spiritual abundance script for yourself

5ElementDance movement practices will be used as a support for the reflection and mindset/ heartset work practiced over the weekend, but are not the main focus of the workshop - absolutely no prior dance or movement practice is required.



Vena Ramphal

Vena Ramphal is dance artist and wellbeing coach. She trained in classical Indian dance at the Bhavan, U.K., and in Chennai, India. She gained her PhD in Philosophy and Dance at SOAS, London University (2006) where she explored the construction of the dancing body in the Nāṭya Śāstra - the oldest, extant Sanskrit text on dance and drama. Vena has performed internationally and at leading venues including The Linbury at the Royal Opera House, The Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells. She has created dance for screen, including a commission from Channel 4, and choreographed for opera and theatre. Her dance performances are known for their spiritual quality. Her approach to movement is informed by a practice of yoga and meditation which she started aged 10. Vena is an accredited coach with Performance Coach Training and the Cultural Leadership Programme. Since 2008 she has coached and run workshops on personal and spiritual development. Vena brings movement and meditation into her work as a coach helping people to achieve results more quickly and easily. Clients include celebrities, Olympic athletes, and business leaders from around the world. The media quickly picked up on her work and she has been featured on Sky News, BBC radio, Elle, Cosmo, GQ and several other media outlets.