Newari Buddhist Purification Ritual

12 Week Video Course with Prajwal Vajracharya

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The Gurumandala Puja Vidhi purification ritual is the most common ritual practiced in Nepal. At all important moments in life, from birth to death, this important Newar Buddhist ritual is performed to remove obstacles and bring spiritual blessings. 

This Gurumandala ritual been passed down for 1000 years --  without it there is no Mahayana and Vajrayana in Nepal.


The Gurumandala puja begins with offering honor  the spirit Suryargha, then declaration of ritual performer's geographic location of the ritual site, astronomical state of the sun and moon and other planets at the time, and intention of the patron for doing the ritual. We ask permission from the Buddha, dharma, and sangha to conduct the ritual and perform a self-empowerment to create our own Mandala and transform ourselves into to the Buddha of purification, Vajrasattva. Within the Mandala of Vajrasattva we invite all the protector deities (Dwarapala) and bring and stabilize all the 16 offering deities and the artful deity for protection.


In this unique and rare class you will learn how to empower yourself, empower the ritual objects, protect yourself, and perform the purification ritual for the home, business, altar for the benefit of self and others.


  • Twelve Live Interactive Webinars with Prajwal Vajracharya
  • Complete instructional ritual manual in PDF format
  • Articles and additional resources about the Newari Buddhist tradition.

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    • Articles about the Charya Nritya Dance Tradition of Nepal

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    • Self-Empowerment

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Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya

Prajwal is a 35th generation Tantric Buddhist priest from Nepal and a ritual master both of the Charya Nritya dance tradition and other ritual forms performed by the Newar Vajracharya lineage. Prajwal began his training in Charya Nritya, the dance aspect of Newar Buddhism, from the age of eight, receiving formal instruction from his father, the Buddhist scholar and ritual master Ratna Kaji Vajracharya. Prajwal Vajracharya is now the premier teacher, practitioner, and performer of the tradition and is a veteran of several world tours with beginning and advanced students around the globe. He founded Dance Mandal: Foundation for Sacred Buddhist Arts of Nepal to preserve and expand this rare art form and its related traditions. With the survival of this sacred ritual dance threatened by modernization, Prajwal, at his father’s wishes, has dedicated his life to bringing this unique Buddhist heritage from the temples of Nepal to the world, while adhering to its original purpose as a profound spiritual practice.