Portal of Creation: Bring your Intuition to Life with 5ElementDance

Weekend Workshop with Vena Ramphal

June 4th & 5th 2022 (Saturday & Sunday)
9-11am Los Angeles | 5-7pm London

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Intuition. Gut feeling. We all know it’s real. But how does it work? And how useful is it in our daily lives? 

This workshop reveals intuition as a vital part of your body’s sensory and neurological system.

It isn’t vague, or wishy-washy. It is data. The question is, how well can we interpret it? 

You’ll leave with:
A movement practice to access and interpret your intuition whenever you wish
A framework for understanding how intuition works

Make better decisions under pressure
See the bigger picture in emotional situations
Pursue goals that are aligned with your individuality instead of societal opinions


There is a reason that intuition is felt in the gut. All channels of your subtle body meet in your navel chakra. This is the sorting centre of intuition. But if we don’t know how to manage this sorting centre we either ignore it (which most people do) or we misinterpret it (which spiritual people do). But there is another way. In this workshop you’ll receive a method to access, hear, and interpret your intuition. 

In this weekend workshop we’ll learn a three step process to bring your intuition to life

1. Accessing

2. Hearing

3. Interpreting 

The navel chakra becomes a portal for creating a genuinely healthy, sustainable, authentic life.


We’ll learn how gut feeling works from the perspective of the Indian wisdom traditions. We’ll discover the role of the navel chakra; and see how body, thought, and emotion are embedded in each other. This will give you a framework for understanding your intuition.

We’ll practice specific movement sequences designed to make the body into a portal of creativity and creation.

We’ll work with 5ElementDance™️ which is a movement meditation method. It combines mudras (hand gestures), exquisite movements, powerful postures, and breathwork.

This is open to all (you don’t need any previous experience of formal movement).

5ElementDance™️ was created by Dr. Vena Ramphal, a celebrated dance artist and scholar of the Indian wisdom traditions.

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Vena Ramphal

Vena Ramphal is dance artist and wellbeing coach. She trained in classical Indian dance at the Bhavan, U.K., and in Chennai, India. She gained her PhD in Philosophy and Dance at SOAS, London University (2006) where she explored the construction of the dancing body in the Nāṭya Śāstra - the oldest, extant Sanskrit text on dance and drama. Vena has performed internationally and at leading venues including The Linbury at the Royal Opera House, The Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells. She has created dance for screen, including a commission from Channel 4, and choreographed for opera and theatre. Her dance performances are known for their spiritual quality. Her approach to movement is informed by a practice of yoga and meditation which she started aged 10. Vena is an accredited coach with Performance Coach Training and the Cultural Leadership Programme. Since 2008 she has coached and run workshops on personal and spiritual development. Vena brings movement and meditation into her work as a coach helping people to achieve results more quickly and easily. Clients include celebrities, Olympic athletes, and business leaders from around the world. The media quickly picked up on her work and she has been featured on Sky News, BBC radio, Elle, Cosmo, GQ and several other media outlets.