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Healing Power of Writing

Two Month Weekly Class with Barbara Martini


Time: 10:30AM Los Angeles | 1:30PM New York | 7:30PM Florence, Italy

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This class is offered in Italian and English

Writing our story means taking a deep listen to our inner truths and to our inner secrets, often revealing a hidden sacred dimension. It means to discover something inside of us that is very much alive and pulsing, something that we didn’t know was there and that is worth nurturing. Maybe it could become something to tell the world about. 

Re-reading and re-visiting, discovering new dimensions within ourselves put us in a fresh new perspective: we become travelers inside our own mind, into a place that we inhabit but are able to re-discover each time. Every time we tell ourselves the “tale of our life” we do it to make sure that it works again, creating in us the wonderful feeling of being safe and alive. 

We all are incredible beings hosting memories. We are a living tale. That’s why each encounter of this course will teach us how to stop everything else around us and how to start listening to our inner voice, carefully transferring on paper the messages that we receive. 

The only things needed will be a pen and some blank pages, or, according to one’s love for writing, a new notebook. 

During this course we will discover different writing techniques, read short passages from the works of different authors, we will practice with dedicated writing exercises and will have short meditations connected to the topics here below: 

“Autobiographic Writing: The Enchantment of Paper”

We will learn the easiest and at the same time bravest form of writing: the autobiographic one. We will discover how, in a written form, it’s possible to give a new meaning to direct experiences from our life and how empowering and liberating telling a story to a blank page can be; stories that otherwise might be hard to share, even with a close friend. 

“Epistolary Writing: The Letter I never wrote you”

We will learn a writing technique that has been very popular for over a century: epistolary writing. It’s a way of writing that allows us to establish a relationship with another person in a very organic way and opens up a clear communication channel: not just with people close to us, but also with people that we have or had a hard time connecting with, even with people that are no longer with us with whom we didn’t have the chance to share something important.

“Automatic Writing: Like a Dream”

Automatic writing is a very interesting technique that allows us to give total freedom to our mind and our hand, letting out every thought that comes through. We have a way of telling our story in total freedom, without worrying about grammar nor punctuation, no rules. Like in the wonderful novels of great writers of the Inner Monologue and Stream of Consciousness we can “tell our story on paper exactly like we tell it to ourselves, just like a dream.” 

“Imaginary Writing: A fable as a friend”

Creative writing has also a lot to do with the spontaneous creation of imaginary tales, events that might have never occurred as well as diving into fantastic dimensions that are the matter of fables, part of the oral story-telling tradition, the history of our heritage that is repeated generation after generation. Facing the realm of invention, as well as learning how to dramatize real events on paper, can give us access to an ancient, magical way of telling stories.


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    • CLASS 3 & 4 | EPISTOLARY WRITING: ASSIGNMENTS (English & Italian)



Barbara Martini

Barbara Martini is a published author, playwright and counselor. She has been teaching in Italy for over 25 years, as well as working as a registered holistic Counselor Supervisor. She devoted a lot of her time gathering stories from women that she met in the course of her life, these stories became the subject of her highly-acclaimed book “Hidden Women” (Donne Nascoste) published by Infinito Edizioni. The book was adapted into a successful theater play. For many years, Barbara has enjoyed a wonderful career as a professional singer/songwriter and music teacher in Florence. She wrote and produced the album “In-canto”, original music created for meditating. Barbara Martini regularly teaches workshops, private lessons and lectures in schools on different subjects: vibrational energy, shamanism, holistic counseling.