Ancient Alphabet of the Deities

Four Video Lessons with Prajwal Vajracharya

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Devanagiri देवनागरी, the Sanskrit script, sometimes referred to as the “language of the gods” consists of 16 vowels and 36 consonants. Not just letters  of an ancient alphabet, these syllables exist inside our subtle bodies on different points, which when stimulated have the effect of  unblocking our subtle energy channels for the purpose of healing and opening both body and mind.

In this  course, Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya will teach us these sacred syllables, their significance, and their specific locations in the physical body according to the ancient Guru Kula tradition. He will then share profound yogic methods for accessing and utilizing the potency of these points, including meditation, visualization, chanting, and physical movement. 

Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy teaches that our bodies are a microcosmic reflection of the greater universe, therefore this process of cleaning and opening our energy bodies has not only a profound impact on our own health and mental state, but also benefits others, and affects the larger environment that we live in.

These are precious and unique teachings, very rarely publicly taught, which Prajwal has chosen to share for the benefit of students during these current challenging world circumstances.

All are welcome, no prior experience required.

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Prajwal Ratna Vajracharya

Prajwal is a 35th generation Tantric Buddhist priest from Nepal and a ritual master both of the Charya Nritya dance tradition and other ritual forms performed by the Newar Vajracharya lineage. Prajwal began his training in Charya Nritya, the dance aspect of Newar Buddhism, from the age of eight, receiving formal instruction from his father, the Buddhist scholar and ritual master Ratna Kaji Vajracharya. Prajwal Vajracharya is now the premier teacher, practitioner, and performer of the tradition and is a veteran of several world tours with beginning and advanced students around the globe. He founded Dance Mandal: Foundation for Sacred Buddhist Arts of Nepal to preserve and expand this rare art form and its related traditions. With the survival of this sacred ritual dance threatened by modernization, Prajwal, at his father’s wishes, has dedicated his life to bringing this unique Buddhist heritage from the temples of Nepal to the world, while adhering to its original purpose as a profound spiritual practice.